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Patricia Clary has been helping organizations cut through the noise to identify strategic steps to achieve organizational outcomes for more than 30 years.

Collaboration, convening leadership, and governance are critical factors in organizational success in an environment of complex societal and global challenges.

Clary can help you lead your organization to the next level with empirical and theoretical approaches and solutions to organizational leadership and management by examining how your organization views and enacts collaboration, governance, and convening leadership.

To determine if a consultation with Patricia Clary is in order, please consider the following questions in each of these strategic areas: collaboration, governance, and convening leadership.


  • What does collaboration look like in your programs, collaborative efforts, or organization?
  • What are the benefits of collaboration?
  • How do you identify and overcome the barriers and challenges in collaborative work?


  • Who makes the rules in your organization?
  • How are the policies and processes of your organization implemented and managed?
  • How are the resources of your organization monitored, managed, and shared?
  • Does your organization have a social action agenda?
  • Does your organization communicate authenticity to the public and your customer base?
  • How is continuity integrated, taught, or caught in your organization?
  • What are the rules, standards, and values recognized and used in your organization?
  • How does the language of your organization contribute to the furtherance of your organizational mission?

Convening Leadership

  • What are the best practices of a convenor?
  • How do the core beliefs, values, and attitudes of a convenor influence organizational objectives?
  • How does a convenor bring together socio-economic groups with differences in culture, customs, language, influence, and disparity of resources?
  • How does a convenor facilitate collaboration?
  • How does a convenor reframe a problem to find common ground during times of conflict?

Collaboration, Governance, and Convening Leadership

  • How does collaboration, governance, and convening leadership contribute to the furtherance of an organization’s mission?

Dr. Patricia Clary is a leading authority on how collaboration, governance, and convening leadership contribute to the furtherance of a collaborative or organization’s mission and can help you integrate these principles into the culture of your collaborative or organization.

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